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※The number of minutes of access listed is the travel time between stations for trains, and the travel time from the property for cars, bicycles and walking.
※The measurement display will focus on the COMFORIA SHINJUKU EASTSIDE TOWER.
※Train travel time is calculated based on NAVI TIME's automatic measurement.
※The travel time by train is calculated using the time closest to 30 minutes during the morning rush hour (the most frequent time in the morning) on weekdays, and includes all the time required to transfer and wait.
※Travel time by car/bicycle is calculated based on Google map's automatic measurement.
※Waiting at traffic lights and traffic jams are not considered.
※The starting point for measuring road distance and travel time by car/bicycle is the front road of the property, and the ending point is calculated around the destination.
※The walking time is calculated based on Google map distance measurement results , calculated as 80 m/min.
※The information is current as of October 2022.