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  • Landscape Design

    Landscape Design A lawn area alone is meaningless. What you really need is wild forest. Shinjuku is active 24/7. Accordingly, this new residential area must have a quiet environment that blocks out street noise and calms residents’ mind.So we created a forest that looks totally natural.The scattered rustic and wild trees will make you forget you are in Shinjuku.

  • CANAL COURT◉キャナルコート
  • CANAL COURT & COOL PATH◉キャナルコート&クールパス
  • FOREST GATE◉フォレストゲート
  • CENTER TERRACE◉センターテラス
  • WELCOME TERRACE◉ウェルカムテラス
  • ART OBJECT「トポス(場)-再生-」/御宿 至
  • ART OBJECT「ORIGIN 2011」/岡本 敦生
  • ART OBJECT「剪定季の風」/山本 憲一
  • ART OBJECT「風天-Fu-Ten-」/小日向 千秋
  • ART OBJECT「小さな大飛行」/岩間 弘
  • ART OBJECT「生生」/望月 久也
  • ART OBJECT「天使の翼」/岩崎 順一