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Please see the following before checking the room plan.

  • ・The room area includes the area of pipe space (P5) in the room, but the areas of meter box (MB) and pipe space (PS) outside the room.
  • ・The area in jo is calculated at 1.62㎡/jo and truncated to two decimal places.
  • ・The area in tsubo is calculated at 1㎡=0.3025 tsubo and truncated to three decimal places.
  • ・Each room may be equipped with inspection holes for facilities and pipes.
  • ・Reduced scale, azimuth direction or size may differ slightly from the actual one.
  • ・If the plan differs from the current condition, the latter will be prioritized.

WIC=Walk-in closet、WTC=Walk-through closet
SIC=Shoes-in closet、DEN=Storeroom、Sto=Storage
P=Pantry、PG=Private garden