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You can view a high resolution video of COMFORIA Shinjuku Eastside Tower’s common facilities
with a virtual viewer.

These images were made by processing photos taken in January, 2016.

  • [To view with a PC]


    Check out a 360-degree view of each facility by dragging a mouse on the screen of your PC
    or with the controller shown at the bottom of the screen.
    Zoom the image in or out with the mouse wheel.

    ※ With some old browsers released before Internet Explorer 10, the video may not run normally.
    Therefore, please use the latest version of your browser.

  • [To view with a gyro sensor-equipped smartphone tablet.]


    This content is compliant with a gyro (angle) sensor.
    Therefore the on-screen scenery moves along with a smartphone
    when pointing it in the direction in which you would like to view.

    ※ It may not work with some Android terminals or OS.
    ※ To switch the gyro sensor function, use the controller at the bottom of the screen.