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1.Maruetsu Supermarket within premises
2.Higashi Shinjuku Store, Family Mart: About 80m/1-minute walk
3.Shinjuku Goldengai: About 300m/4-minute walk
4.Isetan Shinjuku Store: About 460m/6-minute walk
5.Shinjuku Marui main building: About 600m/8-minute walk
6.Shinjuku ALTA: About 780m/10-minute walk
7.Shinjuku Nishiguchi Omoide Yokocho: About 950m/12-minute walk
8.Takashimaya Times Square: About 990m/13-minute walk
Public Facilities
9.Okubo Branch, Shinjuku Fire Department: About 240m/3-minute walk
10.Shinjuku Ward Office: About 420m/6-minute walk
Financial Institutions
11.Shinjuku Meiji Dori Post Office: About 140m/2-minute walk
12.Shinjuku Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ: About 600m/8-minute walk
13.Shinjuku Branch, Resona Bank: About 620m/8-minute walk
14.Shinjuku Dori Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank: About 640m/8-minute walk
15.Shinjuku Branch, Mizuho Bank: About 720m/9-minute walk
Medical Institutions
16.Nakajima Dentist: About 140m/2-minute walk
17.Fujimura Internal Medicine/Surgery Clinic: About 300m/4-minute walk
18.Shinjuku Central Clinic: About 450m/6-minute walk
19.Tokyo Municipal Okubo Hospital: About 650m/9-minute walk
20.Tokyo Medical University Hospital: About 1,590m/20-minute walk
○.National Center for Global Health and Medicine: About 1,180m/15-minute walk
○.TOKYO WOMEN’S MEDICAL UNIVERSITY: About 1,230m/16-minute walk
Parks/Sports/ Culture
21.Hanazono Shinto Shrine: About 270m/4-minute walk
22.Shinjuku Batting Center: About 270m/4-minute walk
23.Shinjuku Piccadilly: About 550m/7-minute walk
24.Shinjuku Walt 9: About 650m/9-minute walk
25.Shinjukugyoen Park: About 800m/10-minute walk
26.Shinjuku Chuo Park: About 2,020m/26-minute walk
○.Toyama Park: About 1,400m/18-minute walk

※ Walking time is calculated at 80m/minute.
※ Distances on this page are estimated based on the map.
※ The information is current as of July 2018.