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In each dwelling unit

  • ディスポーサー


  • 食器洗浄乾燥機


  • オーブンレンジ

    Convection microwave range
    ※ Excluding some apartment units

  • Built-in water purifier
    ※ On 2F to 18F, a water purifier integrated with a combination faucet is provided.

  • 床暖房

    Radiant floor heating

  • 浴室換気乾燥機

    Bathroom ventilation and dryer

  • ミストサウナ

    Mist sauna
    ※ 18F or lower of the tower building.

  • カラーモニター付ハンズフリーインターホン

    Hands-free interphone with color monitor

[Other equipment]
● Combination tap with a single lever ● BS/110 degrees CS-compliant(※1) ● “SkyperfecTV! Hikari” compliant(※1) ● Air conditioners are installed in all rooms ● Light fittings are installed. 
● Light with a motion detector (entrance) ● Picture rail

※ The equipment in the apartment units varies in shape or specifications, depending on the type involved
※ A separate contract has to be concluded.

in Common facilities

  • シガーバー

    Cigar bar

  • ペット用足洗い場

    Pet bathing room

  • ランドリールーム

    Laundry room

  • 防犯カメラ

    Anti-crime camera

[Other equipment]
●Parcel storage ● Car parking (mechanical system) 234 cars) ● Motorcycle parking (Keeping on the floor as-is: 43 units) ●Bicycle parking lot accommodating 778 bicycles (Parked in a rack) 
● Car parking entering security gate