japanese english


  • 新宿区指定防災倉庫※1
    Shinjuku Ward specifying a disaster prevention warehouse ※1
    Blankets, portable toilets and equipment such as portable generators are prepared for disasters on the 1st floor of Annex Tower.
  • マンホールトイレ※1
    Manhole toilet ※1
    Manhole toilets for disasters are installed within premises and can be used when infrastructure features such as water supply and electricity are beyond use.
  • AED
    Installed in the first-floor disaster control center and at the pool side on the 32nd floor.
  • 交番
    Police box
    Installed on the 1st floor of the tower to support safety.

※ Please note that these facilities are shared with neighborhood inhabitants and not for exclusive use by COMFORIA’s residents.